Friday, April 25, 2014

FSO Let the bells ring, remembering Barry.

I remember Barry, He was the first few bloggers who became my real friend. Barry too, like me is a bereaved parent. We share something painful, but it changed us.


This bell was given to me by Bernard Bell. Bernard too has passed on, and Bernard was a bereaved parent too. He traveled round the world and perform magic shows for free.


Let the bells ring, I say Hi to Linda,.

So many of our participants are new so I thought that this week I would show and tell you one small bit of our history.  For those that have been with us nearly from the beginning will remember this and hope that you add your comments to help round out my story.  This is about how we were a group of friends, knowing each other only through blogging and The Friday Shoot-out, but caring about one another regardless.
We, the FSO Gang, got started in the early part of 2009 and one of the original 10 or so, was Barry of An Explorer's View.  He quickly became a favorite within our group plus 600 odd followers out in BlogWorld.  Almost from the beginning, we knew he had been diagnosed with a rare throat cancer and was battling for his life.  His writing brought us in and made us care about his struggle.  We got to know his wife Linda, and his special dog, Lindsey.  The battle became very personal to us all.
During a post about one of his visits for chemo, he talked about the bell that stood outside of the hospital that was rung by patients in celebration of a completion of another round of Chemo.  The idea flew around the globe, at 2 O'clock his local time, he would ring the bell and we, wherever we were, within our own time zone, we would ring a bell with him.  Here is my ringing of the bells for Barry.


Ruth Kelly said...

Let those bells ring for Barry and others who need it.

Kerry said...

Wasn't Barry great?I still miss him. It was a deep bond that you shared with him.

Pauline said...

I think everyone who knew him must have loved Barry. He certainly was a special person.

Unknown said...

I remember the time we rang the bells for Barry. Walking with Barry during his chemo journey made us all realize that we all must make that journey some time. Barry's story gave us all inspiration.

GingerV said...

So many have lost Children, I can only imagine that pain and how it must never go away. Chef E also shared this with you. A big hug from Houston.