Friday, April 4, 2014

FSO:Out and About your town.

 Every Sunday, when I go to church, I drive pass my local public library where they circulate my books, I wonder who is reading my books.
 At my Asian grocery store, I see this machine. is it also called a forklift?
 Electronic payment is everywhere. sometimes, you can't find a dollar in my wallet.

Autumn/ Fall has arrived, and we have foggy mornings.

The weather still entices people to the beach.
April 4: Out and About - Take us on a walk through your town. What are the sights you see when you are out doing your daily or weekly chores, or when you are out for some leisure? (by Barb)


diane b said...

A nice glimpse of your town.

Mersad said...

These are really interesting shots, in the way that we have so much in common even though we are miles and miles apart.

Mersad Donko Photography

Pauline said...

A good range of shots, Anne. I think the sign on the lifeguards tower says Bethells Beach. It's a shame someone hasn't removed the graffiti.

Jama said...

A very nice little town!

Unknown said...

A beach is always a drawing card. Even when the weather gets cooler. Great shots Ann