Friday, February 16, 2018

Thoughts of Mum and Dad.

When the bottom house was constructed, Father moved from the top house at Repok Road to this house off Repok Road next to the Sarikei Fire station. It too has an upstairs setting. The domestic worker stayed downstairs.

Today , the second day of the lunar new year is the anniversary of Mum and Dad. Mum in 1988 and Dad in 2006.

Yesterday, a new friend brought up the times when Father was working in Sarikei as the DEO. Mother by default was the Vice President of the Women's Institute. She taught women to cook and housekeeping. Guess what brought that memory? The current President of the women's institute,

How did the poinsettia play it's role. I have a plant in my house and is flowering really well. My very good friend Chang Yi said that it won't grow in the tropics. Something jotted in my mine. I guess that  once, white officers lived in that house, and may be the mam planted those plants to remind them of home in England.

30 years ago, in that house at Repok road, there were stumps of roses and a poinsettia. They were shaggy and hardly bloomed. I remember Mum learn from somewhere, that she could use rose petals to make her Cha Siaw pao. She sent me downstairs to pick some roses. I felt sorry for the plant as it only had a few flowers.

I learn that the poinsettia is the Christmas tree. In New Zealand, it blooms in July. Some people celebrate Christmas in July to get that winter feeling.

That's my Mum. 

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