Friday, November 21, 2008


CanTeen is an organisation that supports for young people living with cancer. Their annual appeal is the Bandanna Challenge,17 - 31 October 2008.

Most schools support them, and my school's student council sold bandannas and the children wore this colourful bandannas in different style. The classroom became a sea of coulour hues.

The most popular ones were designed by celebrities and sporting heros. The boys clamoured for the Scott Dixon grey and red bandanna, designed by Scott Dixon, black rugby balls, Red rugby balls, Dan's Black Bandanna designed by Dan Carter, the greatest rugby kicker Dan Carter. The girls chose a famous singer Boh Runga for her Blue and White bandanna.

There were others very New Zealand ones like the Pohutukawa Flower Bandanna and Piku Piku.
The Pohutukawa Flower is the New Zealand Christmas tree and Piku Piku is an iconic fern. In my school, the different levels are divided into the native different trees and plants, like Kauri, Totara, Pohutukawa and the Piku Piku.

Sam chose a green Target bandanna designed by Nicole Taylor.

Some schools refused to support this cause arguing that bandannas are associated with gangs. This is a pity as the orginally intention was to identify with cancer victims who usually lost their hair and have to wear a bandanna over their head to cover their baldness..

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