Friday, November 21, 2008


I bought this jumper for Sam. He liked it until his friends joked he was a racist. There are black sheep in New Zealand. No, no the two legged kind.

In August, on our way to our skiing holiday, it was lambing season. We were talking about getting lambs as pets and also to eat the grass on the lawn.

Just as we were talking, we drove passed a group of four or five lambs on the road, One was brownish black, just what I wanted. I told the water engineer to make a U-term, so I could grab the black lamb. Of course, he won't and my law student daughter told me off. I said, if the farmer sees me, I would explain that I was trying to take it back to the paddock so it won't be a road kill.

I grumbled, if my brother was driving, he would have done it for me, and I would have a pet lamb in my back yard, just like one of the earliest children's nursery ryhmes, "Mary had a little lamb," and I could take her to school and for "show and tell" and teach them, "Baa Baa Black sheep, have you any wool."

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