Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coffee for the garden

While parts of Australia where my siblings, Rose, Charles , Joseph and Helen were devastated by violent storm, we in Auckland have perfect sunny day today.

I came home and started digging my garden, and I must have double the size. It must be bigger than a half a badminton court. I went to a restaurant, Triniti of Silver at Mt Albert and asked for some coffee grounds. The woman said I was lucky, and she gave me 2 bags.

I bit off more than I can chew, they were so heavy when I lugged them to the car. They must weighing 10 kilos. I went there last year for Xmas lunch. That's how I know there are coffee grounds. I mix them straight into the soil.

Got a whole bag of potatoes that have rooted. My friend G. told me that green potatoes should not be eaten, they cause cancer. I told Sam that we can grow them. Sam loves tomatoes and potatoes. This is the first time I actually grow potatoes. There is a plant grown by a previous resident.

Purple flowers in my garden. The bottom pix, the flowers are taller than an adult.

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