Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fabulous, Freaky, Fabulous Friday

Today, Friday 14 November, the Student Council of my school held their last fundraiser for the year. It was an opportunity for everyone, staff and children alike to dress up and come to school as a character that is Fantastic, Freaky or Fabulous. Many used their green hat thinking and imagination to design a creation to wear.

There are five more weeks to the end of the school year. With the start of our southern hemisphere summer, most let their hair down and soak in the fun. A gold coin was requested to donate to the Student Council 2008 legacy friendship chair project.

Witches, ghosts and spider man were popular choices. One girl became a pumpkin. When I asked the children if I could take the photos, they were very happy to. Some even requested me to.

The shutter bug today was camera shy Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. For your information, she worn a long multi layered pink skirt, lemon coloured shirt, a sun hat with a black rose and brown sash and a knee length grey coat. Her Professor Henry Higgins came in a dress.

***I would like to show you the photographs, but I didn't ask permission from their parents. So you just have to imagine them***

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