Monday, November 17, 2008

In with hummus, out with the condensed milk.

I watched the news on TV, in with hummus, out with the condensed milk, and smiled and took it with a pitch of salt.

I was a condensed milk baby, precisely a nestle or commonly known in Borneo as ANG GEE GU NEE, or the red wording milk. Apparently it's the red lettering on the can. I was a 1950s baby, and I was fortunate to have that form of milk, until it gave way to milk powder and later to fresh milk. My parents used to tease I was a fair chubby baby all thanks to the condensed milk, and thanks to that condensed milk I am still a chubby person.

In the 1980s, I learnt this New Recipe of Mayonnaise using condensed milk. It went with me to Singapore, and it was greatly appreciated in my parties and Foodsale. Friends fro China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, USA liked my Mayonaise and asked for my New Zealand Mayonaise.

When I came back, I was curious that these condensed milk mayonaise are now sold in the supermarket. So boohoo to the new reporter who rubbished a product I grew up on.

After the bad news with San Lu milk and the melamine scare, the NZ Fontara company should be happy with me.

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