Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Iron Horse

I gave up riding a real horse after riding one and half hours in Waiuku, and hitched a ride on the buggy from the farmer, the father of the horse riding school. We went up and down the rough terrain and it was quite frightening.

I never have any success riding horses, they refused to move, no matter how hard I kick them on the sides.

May be it is I am a horse according to the Chinese zodiac. I was born at 1.55 pm. My dad told me that luckily I was born during the day. The Chinese farmer don't let their horses sleep in a natural way. They strap a harness to the horse stomach. The poor horses hang a few inches off the floor. This way, they think the horse won't be lazy. So if I was born at night, I won't get any rest but slog all my life.

Here I am on my iron horse pretending to give Sam a ride.

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