Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Iron Tree,

This is my iron tree that I grew in the NTU allotment in Singapore. According to the Chinese, there is an adage that when the iron tree bloom, you will have great success. You see, the iron tree doesn't bloom. But may be because they didn't grow it to ten feet tall like I did. My iron tree bloomed, and did it coincide with my husband being promoted?

There are many types of dracaenas, commonly known as iron tree, goddess of mercy or ribbon plants, Japanese bamboo etc.

I believe that dracaena fragrans known in Malaysia and Singapore as the iron tree is probably dacraena "janet craig" in America.

These are hardy plants and grow well indoors and outdoors. I even have ribbon plants grown indoors in a vase.

Next to the tree are banana trees. I didn't like the little thumb size bananas so I gave them to my friends. My thai friends like the banana flower to make soup and salad. My Burmese friends use the trunk. My Indian and Malay friends use the leaves to line the plates and wrap cakes. Nothing is wasted, except the farmer didn't get to enjoy it except the satisfaction of see her plants grow.

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