Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our dog eared visitors' book

This old dog eared visitors' book was given by V and H when we left Auckland for Singapore in 1990. There are lots of gems in it, and entries come from friends we just made to friends we have known for a long time.

Our first entry were a New York Couple and two Japanese ladies. I used to go to the Singapore Bird park a lot. We met them, and we invited them home. They did, and they were squashed in our car. They enjoyed our hospitality, and later the New York couple sent us gifts for the girls, including Oscar in his rubbish can.

For privacy reasons, I normally do not upload my visitors photos we took with them. Neither will I include all the others who have signed in the visitors' book, except our magician friend Bernard Bell from UK.

However, this pix was taken so long ago, in 1992. It would be good if my readers recognise them, and make a connection for me. In fact, during the 9/11, I wanted to write them a letter. The other children were our neighbours from Ghana.

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