Friday, April 24, 2009

Anzac Day: Lest we forget 1

The parade marches up Dominion Road. There were just about ten old Vets. They are braving the cold wet weather for this.

The first of the parade, a very tall young soldier and a drummer from Dexter Ave. The water engineer had commented that the vets would almost all be dead, who would be at the parade?

People were in rain coats and umbrellas waiting for the start of the parade. I was bundled up in winter gear because I was still having the flu with a beanie, pashmina and a parka.

The traffic police stopped the traffic on both ends of a very busy Road, Dominion Road. People were happy to be diverted to a side road. Others just stopped.

These couple of blogs and the one in my other blog, Poppy Day are my tribute . 
To all the war veterans who fought in the war, lost their lives so we could live in a free world.
It was forecasted gale winds and rain, but what was braving that compare to the bravery of the soldiers. I dragged Sam to the Mt Eden War Memorial to see how this day was commerated in the suburbs. Previously, I had gone to the Auckland War Memorial Museum to the civic service .
**** Despite having more than 1000 posts, I am still learning. This is the first time I have put commentaries in between photos. This blog, unfortunately, the photos are in reverse order. I will try in my next blog.***

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