Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dog welfare

There are SPCA donation bins all over New Zealand. I have seen loving pet owners, but there are horror stories. People hurt their pets and abandon them. Just last week, SPCA persecuted a man who hurt his girl friend's dog so badly that he had to go to jail for three months. People abandon dogs and cats for various reasons.

In NZ, there is light at the end of the tunnel for abandoned dogs. The Pedigree Adoption Charitable Trust was launched in march to care for the 11,000 dogs dumped every year. 

Spaying and neutering is one solution the Cat Cafe in Singapore believe in. My friends used to catch the wild feline animals and sterilize them before release them.

I was one of the founding members of the Cat cafe in Singapore. My friend J continues to send me news about the cat and dog welfare in Singapore. You can imagine how passionate I am with these helpless creature. My  language is very strong to those who abandon cats and dogs. It is bad news there as in New Zealand.

There is a petition which J sent me. I looked it up to see if it is a hoax. It is a real case, but the petition is now outdated. Still, it shows how horrific people can do to their pets.

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I was horrified and shocked to see the article in the Daily Voice
yesterday about Tammy, a dog that had been burnt so badly by her owners.

The owners wanted to punish her for jumping over the wall into the
neighbours place. They fetched her and put her in her kennel and set it

I am not sure how many of you have seen the pictures. As an animal lover
it brought tears to my eyes because she was burnt so badly. The SPCA had
to put her down.

The SPCA have removed the other 2 dogs from these people and are pressing
criminal charges against them. I am therefore appealing to all animal
lovers to please add your name to the petition so that the owners are
given the maximum punishment befitting to them.

The kennel burning incident occurred in the Western Cape province of South Africa around August, 2006. An article originally published in the Cape Times on August 25th 2006 notes: 
A Parow couple are to appear in the Bellville regional court on Friday, charged with burning their dog alive.

If convicted, the pair could face fines of up to R200 000 or two years in prison.

The pitbull, named Tammy, almost died when her owners allegedly tried to set her alight in her kennel. She was so burnt so badly that the SPCA, who had rescued her and the owners' two other dogs, had to put her down.

"She was suffering immensely and there was nothing more we could do for her," said Allan Perrins of the SPCA.

Tammy had burns all over her body: on her face, legs and underbelly, but her eyes were particularly badly damaged.

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Bitsa Lit said...

oh my god! I would love to see these people beaten to an inch of their lives. I cant believe that this still happens in the world but it does, and it reaches into all the corners. Its really sick that people do these kinds of things and I think that punishments for neglect and abuse should go wwwaaaayyyy up!!