Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Cat hotel is open

It is holidays, and many people go away. The catteries do a roaring business. At least they check their cats into the catteries and not dump them as many people do.

In Singapore, I visited a cattery, and boy! The heat, The Pong! I wanted to puke.

My friend A. went as a volunteer worker. I went as a busybody to see what it was like. I couldn't volunteer there like my friends A. and M. It takes a very strong breed of person to go not just to feed the cats and dogs but to clean out the cages and the shit. That visit was an eye opener for me.

I met many senior citizens who would go to butchers and fish mongers to get old bones, chicken hearts, and gizzards, old fish, and cook them to feed the animals. A young man who had to keep his mutt there because the Singapore Government's regulation that residents could not keep dogs in their housing board houses, and had take time off to see his dog. I met a nurse who took a day off every week, just to help.

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