Friday, April 17, 2009

Fruit and herb Stall

While traveling last Saturday to the west of Auckland to Kumeu, land of grapes, wine, fruits and horses, I was pleasantly surprised to see such "honesty" stalls still exist. There has been reports of thefts of products and money at these unmanned stalls. Things have been so bad that some owners resort in installing a CCTV camera to nap the culprits.
If you look carefully at one side of the concrete wall, you will notice the number is 168. This number is highly favourable to the Chinese. 168 sounds like forever prosperous. This owner must be very trusting, and he is blessed in abundance as a result. What is an apple or two, or a basil or two, to him when he had the whole orchard or herbs field.


amuse me said...

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PS Do you live permanently in New Zealand? :) Marion

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Ann, I do like this post. A simple small stall selling herbs. We have little stalls like this on the roadside. Mainly selling bananas and fruit in season and some vegetables. Not far from where I live, a farmer sells some of his surplus this way. I sometimes go there and he has also a honesty box. I must say it always used to be. Now he says many take the fruit but do not pay. There are always some rotten apples around.
My SW pic was taken between
5-6 PM.) Thank you for stopping by.

Bitsa Lit said...

I love the idea of an honesty box! I would buy them out every time, not just because I love fruit and herbs, but because I love supporting local farmers and such. We dont have them here because people would steal too much and I dont think Canadians are very trusting of the public in general so nobody would try it I guess. Hey, I might! you never know lol!

Unknown said...

You are correct, honesty does not exist much nowadays...try going to China, they do try to fleece anyone whenever possible. I had a couple of bad experience there in the past, maybe they have change...which I truly doubt. so there's no one manning the store, does that mean if anyone buy something, we just leave some money? How interesting.