Monday, June 8, 2009

My world Tuesday: Thermal Springs

"Whangapipiro (Rachel Pool) - Rotorua, New Zealand" 

Rachel Pool is a historic alkaline hot spring located in Government Gardens. Signage at the springs reads: "Water from this boiling cauldron is alkaline and reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Silica-laden water from here was originally piped to the Pavillion Bath, later to the Bath House, and is still reticulated to the modern Polynesian Spa. Whangapipiro was renamed Rachel Pool after Madam Rachel, a notorious English cosmetician who promised youthful complexions because of the softening effect of silica water on the skin." 

Hot spring is open to view 24 hours per day but it is not for using because of its high temperatures and no cold water to moderate the temperatures. The temperature (F): 212 or
 (C): 100. So be careful not to put your fingers into the water to see how hot it is.


Unknown said...'s like our hot spring here..have a good week Ann, and see you when I am back..hugs/m

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

It is wonderful to have these hot springs. Are they also used to heat the houses in your area? It is interesting to see your world.
Happy days!