Friday, August 10, 2012

FSO: Children

 While we were photographing the Ibans in the longhouse, some of them were photographing us. I like the faces of the children. They were LOLing at the city and Canadian folks trying to balance on their gang planks.
 The Jurong Birdpark is my favourite place in Singapore. Despite the heat, I took my nieces and nephews and grand niece and nephew.

 Busy at work, niece Angelina is helping prepare an organic meal of sweet potato aka kumara leaves.

Children at work and at play. Sorry, the grown children came along in the last photo, I wanted just my nephew Jonathan. Guess what the guys were watching?

 8/10: Children

Thanks Rebecca, I shoot children often in school. Just shot out own Olympics game. pity I am not allowed to share with on the internet.
Photographing children can be a challenge, 
but also lots of fun. 
Here are some tips we posted previously.

Get on their level!
Your photos will improve dramatically if you photograph 
children at their level 
rather than the standard adult looking down on the child. 

No Posing. 
Rather than trying to get posed shots,
let the kids play
and capture WHO they are
not just what they look like.

Continuous Shooting.
Children are active. 
Set you camera to the Continuous shoot option and 
capture a series of shots of them at play.  

Play Simon Says.
Simon can suggest actions 
or facial expressions that are fun. 
And when someone goofs, 
the reactions are fun too. 

Give them Something to Do...then SHOOT!
Blow bubbles
Coloring in books 
Eating an ice cream cone 
Playing ball
With a Pet
On a swing 
Giving hugs.

link to Mr Linky at the Friday shoot out link below.


Jama said...

I borrow my niece and nephew since I don't have any young kids at home, just adults...

Those birds at the bird park are very noisy, waiting to be fed all the time.

Pauline said...

Love the shots of the little girl with the bird, you captured her delight!

Unknown said...

Loved the looks on their faces.