Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mt Albert Baptist Church and Thailand.

 Two of the previous team, Jennifer and Gabby during the commissioning of this year's team who just returned.

Project Thailand

At the beginning of 2012 we launched our five-year commitment to partnership with needy communities in Thailand!
For decades, many of the poor Hill Tribe farmers in Northern Thailand have grown opium for the drug trade. They make little money from this, and some have also sold their children into the sex trade in Bangkok to supplement their income or borrow money from loan sharks – 10% interest a month making repayment almost impossible.
In February this year we had a team of 10 that headed to Thailand to begin a school building and toilet project in Krey Mo Kee. This is a small remote village in the hill-tribes region in North Thailand (8 hours 4wd south west of Chiang Mai).
They began construction on a pre-school building and individual toilets in the community. Running children’s programmes in the afternoon and a medical clinic in the village as well as other surrounding villages.
It’s all go again….
At the beginning of 2014, another team will be heading back to Krey Mo Kee to finish the pre-school project, including a kitchen and water supply to the school toilets.
If you’re keen to join the next team contact Brendon Harkness.

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