Sunday, January 6, 2013

My World/Save our world: Save my trees.

After our forest has been plundered, even our baby trees are not overlooked,
They go to another country.
Why are they not reforestation,
I don't understand.
Instead the harming cycle repeats.
Here they go for,
Timber in Papua New Guinea.

I have been teaching sustainability, palm oil and the orangutan. I grew up in Borneo, and the orangutans are endangered species in Borneo and Indonesian island of Sumatra. Palm oil is labelled as the bad fellow.

I traveled to West Malaysia along the North South Highway, I see acres and acres of palm oil trees. These trees were planted on old rubber estates that were planted with rubber trees a hundred years ago. These palm oil trees do not cause the orangutans to be endangered.

The buzz world today is endangered species. The Orang Utan is one that is facing extinction because of indiscriminate felling of tropical rain forest for timber and palm oil plantation.
In South East Asia, in Malay, Orang means men, Utan means forest.

However, when I go to Borneo, and on the plane, I see virgin rain forest replaced by palm oil. This is what Green Peace is objecting about. Clearing virgin primary forest to make way for palm oil plantation.

This is where the orangutan's habitat is threatened. I visited an orangutan rehab.

 The guide tells us what not to do. The guide told us to make sure we don't leave behind plastic, lolly wrappers and tissues. They make the orang utans very sick if they pick them up.

 A yellow sign to advice  people what no to do. My brother Dr Henry Chan, Mr. WWF takes his son Jonathan, to appreciate nature at a young age. 6 years ago, Jonathan took me to the same place.

Across the South China Sea, I arrive in Singapore in my favourite place, Jurong bird park. To my disappointment, some idiot had left a piece of tissue for the birds.

This song and video clip say it better than any Poem may say it xox


Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh, Ann, this is such an important post. If even one person reads it and then is more careful with plastic wrappers or other harmful garbage, then you will have made a difference. I didn't know that Orang means men and Utan means forest. Thank you. I'm going to listen to your video clip now.

Andrea said...

You will cry if you see our formerly forests of Mindanao, and you will grimace on the road if you see trucks and trucks of lumber, on the sea you will see logs! It is not unbelievable that 2towns were totally destroyed by typhoon Pablo just last month, leaving deaths and no houses spared.

My guess before that you are Malaysian or Indonesian is right, as now i read your profile article. It is really alarming to live in our world where money dictates everything to powers that be!