Thursday, December 4, 2008

Australia, Cape Leeuwin Light house

The water engineer went to Perth for work. he took this photo of Cape Leeuwin Light House.

Life as a lighthouse keeper must be such a lonely one. One in Singapore, we went for a holiday in Sultan Shoal island. The brochure read something like this,: your own one and only bungalow, a swimming pool, coral reef, fishing jetty, and light house.

When we arrived there with young kids and two other sets of families with equally young children, this was what we found the whole island was a small rock with just a three bedroom chalet, the light house, a small empty pool and hardly any green. Yes, there was a jetty and some old corals which we picked as sovernirs. We were in the middle of the ocean, hardly the place to bring young children.

The Sultan Shoal Lighthouse (Chinese: 苏丹浅滩灯塔) is a lighthouse located on the island of Sultan Shoal in the Western Anchorage of Singapore about 8 kilometres (5 miles) south of the western tip of Singapore Island. The lighthouse tower is painted white while the keeper's house roof is red and is of a mixture of Oriental and Victorian design.

The island also houses two staff chalets which is managed by the Port Authority of Singapore.

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