Friday, December 5, 2008

Bollywood at the Hollywood

On November 20th, the New Zealand Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour Association Inc. presented the teachers a free movie screened at the Hollywood Cinema at Avondale. It screened a Bollywood movie," Taare Zameen Par."

It protrayed the struggle of a little eight year old boy with dyslexia and grossly misundestood by all round him. Eventually, his art teacher recognised his problem because he himself had dyslexia.

I cried buckets, and so did my colleagues. It was amazing how a little boy could act so well. For those who have not been to India, it was an eye opening that India can be so beautiful.

Many years ago, I taught in Singapore a boy who had dyslexia. I didn't have much understanding then, but he was a lovely boy. His mum sought help every well and frequently rang me to ask how he was coping.

It's hard to have a learning disability, it is harder if people around you don't understand you.

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