Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Pet Taniwha.

My pet dragon is called Taniwha.
He’s my secret and only I can see him.
He dug a tunnel to my bedroom.
He comes when I call him.

I want to go to bed straight after dinner.
I am really tired, I lied.
When Mum comes in to tuck me in,
I pretend to be fast asleep.

From under my bed, comes Taniwha.
Sometimes we fly across the sky.
Then we dive in the deep blue sea,
In icy caves, I play with Taniwha’s cousins.

We fly across hot erupting volcanoes.
Then Taniwha blows fire out of his nose.
We pay a spooky old castle a visit.
Old Igor serves us frogs’ eyes.

He’s my pet and I love him.
I tell my friends my escapade.
Nobody believes me and calls me a liar.
I don’t care, as long as Taniwha adores me.

***Mural at Balmoral School,
Play area of Auckland Zoo, a good memory of twenty two years ago when D first visited the place.****

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