Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tang Dynasty (618–907) 2

Oooops! The time machine didn't zap the molecules of our clothes, we were still wearing 20th century clothes.

Actually this was a replica of the Tang Dynasty in Singapore. It was a brain child of a rich tycoon from Hong Kong. He had big plans of making movies, but they flopped. The whole place became a white elephant. My friend B. went and bought lots of timber panels to take back to Poland.

Dad had a freebie that day. All senior citizens were treated to a ten course banquet fit for a king. He said there was so much to eat, and the senior citizens couldn't eat them all. I asked why he didn't carry a doggy bag for the hungry ones waiting outside salivating.

We saw high wire flying, and Chinese dancing. The cart was for prisoners on their last journey to their death penalty.

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