Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter in Canada

This was my first winter in Canada. That was 1975. A lot of melted snow had flowed under the bridge. I wonder where all those young men and women have gone.

***We were playing on a snow mould in the primary school. We lived at an apartment next to the school. At playtime and lunch time, the children played in the snow while I was bundled up. There was central heating, so it wasn't so cold. I remember icicles forming from the jeans that my friend L. had hung out at th ebalcony. The jeans were frozen hard, but they dried very quickly. Thw street name was Wyanndotte, or something like that. I used to walk to university.One day, coming home, i was trapped in a blizzard. of course, i didn't know, and I continued to walk. It was when I came back that I heard from the TV that there was a lock down.***

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