Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Church Cat

I have recently joined a group called :Friday Shoot out:
Here's one of my post. http://annkschin.blogspot.com/2009/04/our-town-shoot-out-my-choice.html
It is very flexible, and you post a photo/photos of your town. Perhaps you like to join up and meet some fantastic friends.

This was the invitation from Barry;

I've accepted a challenge from Patty to post photos of our local community every Friday. This week's theme challenge is to post photos of my choice in my town.

There are links to all the Friday Shoot Out participants from around the world at the bottom of my left panel. Maybe you'd like to join us as well and post photos of your community?

This is a photo of a cat that is frequently in my church. We hear of "as poor as a church mouse." I wonder if there is a saying," Poor as a church cat." This cat certainly isn't thin, and the kids love him when he comes.

1 comment:

aurbie said...

We love having you as a new member of our "My Town" shoot out.

Everyone should join in. We are hoping Oprah will discover us!

Poor kitty. Looks like one of the members would adopt him. Are they feeding him.

Have a great Tuesday!