Saturday, May 30, 2009


This afternoon, I saw this beautiful Thunderbird at a multi-level car park at New Market. Here it is for you, Patty. I wish it is mine to give to you. After downloading the photos, I wonder why the license plate shone and you can't see its number. I didn't notice its licence plate as I was in a hurry in case the owner asked me why I was taking it's photo. The dingy car park didn't do it justice. It should be valet parked outside some five star hotel.


Barry said...

Great find Ann. The license must be covered with plastic or a coating of some kind to glow like that.

aurbie said...

What a cream puff! Makes up for my deleting that great 54 Chevy.

Thank you for thinking of me. I so love old cars. When I was young my mother's best friend had a Thunderbird, and it was so much fun to ride in.

I think we should all be on the look out for old cars for future postings. It is nice to share what we all have around our towns.

The tag. Your flash hit the reflective coating on the tag and lit it up like a Christmas tree. That happens sometimes. Either that, or another car was coming and their lights caused the tag to wash out.

That reflective coating on tags can play havoc with photos sometimes. There are ways around it. You can move around and try different angles.

It is a beautiful day, and I have been working on the computer all day. I wish I had a convertible to ride down to the dock in right now. Well, I have a scooter, and it is still daylight and so nice outside. I think I will get some fresh air!

gigi said...

Ann, that is one cool ride!

Unknown said...

Nice, I've never seen one here before. I'll send you the bachang if I could but no worries, I'll think of you when I tuck in the next one..;p