Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Shoot Out.

My school encourages walking, scootering and even skateboarding. We are lucky we are very near to the beach. This photo was taken in March when I took some of my seniors to Walker Park, a Marine reserve. We walked. I tell the kids, we take bus number 11.

This is an old photo taken in the Changi Airport in Singapore. Children like to ride on the airport trolleys. Here's Sam at around 5 years old with his cousins. The Changi Airport is very big, with three terminal buildings. The little feet get very tired, and the trolleys are great.

This is not a daily sight. Sam likes to go horse riding. It is a treat. But for many in a farm. horses are a daily affair.

This is a trailer. I don't know if other countries use this. It like a wagon with two wheels. It is attached to  a tow bar of a car, and you can transport anything. It is very handy.

That day at Walker park, a group of tourists came to see the Oyster Catchers. They were lucky. The birds often go galliavanting, and if you take a trip especially, chances are you will be disappointed.

I took this because you don't see such old fashion prams any more. You normally see buggies, push chairs and prams.

This is a mobility taxi. I stood and watch a long time as the driver helped the wheer chair bound person to his van. It had a lever or jack platform. If I could give a bouquet, the driver deserved it. He was so patient. I did another post on these taxis.

When you have a broken window, and wonder how to get the glass panes to your house. This is how it is done.

Some people are lucky, Some even live on their boats.

Finally, after a hard day's work. 99 kegs of beer.

My Town Friday Shoot Out - Getting Around our cities and towns without cars.

I have to confess, as I have done many times before, I zip around in my car because Auckland is a suburban sprawl, and my school is 7 kilometers away, and the water engineer works in an opposite direction of me. My walking is for recreational purposes, so these photos from my archives are those that attract me. I had been posting on wheels, all types of wheels. These photos come handy with this challenge.


Unknown said...

Nice post Ann on all the different mode of transport..I do love the old fashioned pram,I, I never see one here and I doubt if there are sold here. Walking is good..I need to do that more often :P Yes, Emi will sit for her big UPSR exam this year. Honestly, I do wish that we are not so result orientated and have more outdoor and other activities. Learning is boring but then I am sure you know that. Hope you are having a splendid weekend..I can't wait to do my gardening.

Barry said...

A couple of the pictures posted today are from earlier shoots as well, Ann.

I'm glad to see someone else thought to include horses.

What a great variety you brought to your photos!

A Scattering said...

Ann this is a great post, so varied. Isn't the pram lovely?!

Unknown said...

fantastic look around your town. cute pic of the kids and love the pram also! the last one.......kegs of beer is funny. great end to a busy day. :-)

NanU said...

Thanks for the lovely tour. Did all those kids get on the right number 11 bus after all?

gigi said...

I loved them all. Thank goodness we all have pictures in our archives. Just glad you showed us yours.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Thanks for your comments.

Sciencegirl, "Bus number 11" means walking. 11 looks like our pair of legs. I should have elaborated on that. The students are quite used to take "bus number 11". We left at 9 am, and got back after 12 noon. It was my "bus 11" that was run down and tired.

Actually, two kids didn't take the whole "bus number 11" the whole way. They fell and hurt themselves and the school office assistant had to come and drive them back. So you were right, not everyone caught the "bus number 11." LOL

Great assignment,



A Scattering said...

Hi Ann, thanks for visiting my blog. Woodstock is about 2 hours east of Windsor on the 401. Who are you looking for? As for my camera: I shoot with a small Canon a SX100IS.
I leave the bigger Rebel and all the attachments to my husband, I prefer my little one that I can carry in my pocket or purse. Take care!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Okay Ann..........I love them all but that kiddo throwing the gang sign of peace speaks to me the most!!
You just have a way my friend.your thoughts, stories and aticles are soooo inspiring. I wanted you to know that :)
I love that we all have a bloggy friend from New Zealand. Please know how special you are........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Gordon said...

Ann, thanks for the great tour. You covered many bases. Terrific job. The new theme is posted on my blog.

aurbie said...

I am so late visiting everyone. Our little shoot out is turning into a big Friday event. It used to take me an hour to visit everyone, now it takes so much longer, but I eventually get around to everyone.

I love all of your photos, and the take you did on the getting around. I especially like the carriage and the boat. Although we have a boat, and can sleep on it, it is not big enough to live on.

The horses are great. We don't have any horses in our town. I would love to have one to get around on.

Unknown said...

Great post. Love the idea of using boats as a form of transportation...I know in Chicago there are water taxi's up and down the Chicago River...