Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday shoot out: Red

You don't need a cold winter day to enjoy a spicy and sour Tom Yum Khong soup. This is a clssical prawn soup from Thailand. My family loves this. I cooked this bowl of soup.

A pair of lollipops. They are so important for schools. My students have to pass exams to become traffic patrol or wardens.

Baptist Charity boxes for you to deposit your unwanted clothes, shoes, toys and anything else you don't have a need for. The Baptist Shops will sell them as pre loved items. In times of recession, it is good to recycle your things instead of dumping them,

After a hard day's work, or a long hike, I like to pamper my feet with five kinds of red flowers.  Do this, and your tootsies will thank you for it. They will emerge smelling wonders.

I don't know why these two fish photos got uploaded together. The top fish is a perch and was my dinner. This bottom red fish is a mascot of some football team.

This was at the Pasifika festival. The Labour party came to rally support from the Polynesians.

Olivier my niece in her red T-shirt holding the flathead fish she caught with her brothers in Australia.

Red letter boxes of an old post office.

The post office has cut costs and streamlined the size of the boxes. I wonder if the box holder pays the same rental?

Shoot out assignment for Friday, May 22: "Paint the Town Red." 

This assignment is easy. There are so many things that are red. I wear a lot of red things. My doctor told me that it is nice to wear red in winter, cheers everyone up, instead of the drab black colour.


Gordon said...

It is always good to come on our Thursday and your Friday to see a post early. I really liked the fish pictures. It's good to see the younger generation getting involved. Thanks for the great shots.

aurbie said...

The soup looks wonderful. I ocul duse some now. The first fish is scary.

Love all of of your photos. You did a beautiful job of giving us a nice look at your town.

Cute kids, too.

Thank you for sharing and participating. Next week's assignment is "Water."

Unknown said...

Nice collection Ann, my fav would be the tom yum goong..a real no brainer here haha :P Have a splendid weekend..hugs/m

Barry said...

What a creative set of pictures! The soup looks delicious. I thought of including a stop sign too, but had no fish to show.

Beautiful job!

RedLan said...

I love shimps and that red fish is so big.

Zaroga said...

I loved each of your pictures! You did great with the challenge

A Scattering said...

Great fun items! Scary perch... I'm willing to bet the mail box holders DO still pay the same rates.

gigi said...

I loved the little fisher girl and the red mail boxes. Do you share the recipe for the first picture of soup?? It sounds interesting.

Sarah Lulu said...

Ann, the soup was so clever and I loved the fish.

Sarah Lulu, Ausralia

J9 said...

And you already have Sunday up? I feel behind schedule! I love all the red photos, especially the foot bath - that looks divine!

Inday said...

Red is the dominant theme of this blog, from food to letter mail boxes and to fish ... and in my opinion price rental of postal boxes vary according to sizes. Knowing my own mailbox is safe where I live, I don't need to rent a private mail box anymore. You sound a well-rounder Ann.

Unknown said...

Fab shots!
Football fish is having a better day than his red cousins!

Your first shot "Tom Yum Khong Soup" makes me want to grab a large spoon and start slurping! Yummy!

What kind of flowers do you pamper your footies with? I be it smells divine!

Your niece is very brave to hold such a large fish!

GingerV said...

I am a week behind but still enjoying your RED.

Please add a 'follower' gadget then I can follow your blog with a reminder everytime you post a new entry.