Tuesday, January 17, 2012

outdoor wednesday/save our world: People watching over us in Summer

It is summer, and the surf guards are out there volunteering to save our lives.

Surf Life Saving is the leading water safety organisation in NZ. We have been providing surf lifesaving services to New Zealand communities for nearly 100 years.100 years of an iconic volunteering movement.

Whether patrolling swimming areas or rescuing in heavy surf, every Surf Lifeguard knows the powerful motivation of saving or protecting a life. It's a motivation that marks Surf Life Saving as more than just 'something to do' at the weekend.

A different kind of save our lives, Green Peace Benn Hanns was out there teaching us how to save the world.

Today, the Greenpeace website has gone dark in protest of the U.S. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT-IP Act (PIPA). The U.S. Congress is about to censor the Internet.

If SOPA/PIPA become law, sites like Greenpeace.org could go dark simply because one of our corporate targets files a claim that its intellectual property rights have been violated. No proof required, no court hearing. Don't let corporate interests censor the internet.




Ginny Hartzler said...

I haven't heard anything new about Greenpeace in awhile, glad they are still going strong!

Ensurai said...

Good that our world have people who volunteer for life guarding on beaches and Green Peace...thanks for the post.

Pete said...

Good hearted volunteers....