Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My world Tuesday: Asian Games Mascot

In 2010, the Asian games was held in China. The water engineer was there on work assignment before the games started.

The last Asian Games was held at Guangzhou, People's Republic of China last 12 November – 27 November, 2010. The next games will be held at Incheon, South Korea.

Guangzhou is the land of my ancestors. My great grand father left Guangzhou more than 100 years ago. I am thinking, it is about time I should be " Daughter, for the return home!"



Ginny Hartzler said...

I didn't know anything about these games. Will you be going to the next ones?

Ensurai said...

You must go HOME! to Guangzhou...Daniel Yiek will soon post his articles on his blog..Sarikei Time Capsule..about his travels to Guangzhou.

Eden said...

These are beautiful mascot. Great shots.

Sorry for my late visit, Ann.