Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunting: Dark train tunnel

During our track at the Hillary Trail, we came to a real railway track. After walking a while in the dark, we turned back, It was a tiny tunnel. We did not know the train schedule and didn't want to be in the dark tunnel when the train came.
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Saturday Photo Hunting
hosted by our friend Gattina in Belgium. Thanks, Gattina!


Gattina said...

that's a real very dark and special picture !!
BTW you can make the logo smaller when you click on it on your post draw it to small with your mouse.

Kim, USA said...

Ekk that is too dark for me. Awesome shot on this one, Ann. About my moon shot. That is a sooc, took it when it's full moon but the sky is dark. I set my mode to manual and put it on a high depth. Thanks for the visit.

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