Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday Letter V for vacation 1

 Vacations are for visiting places or for visiting people or a combination of both.
I went this year for a long vacation of 5 weeks and went for  various reasons. The main was to celebrate with my Kai Chung Students in their reunion. I posted a lot on this, and there were other bonuses, I didn't plan.

My friend, Chang Yii aka http://sarawakiana2.blogspot.co.nz/ took an over night bus from Miri to Sibu to see me and do other chores. Chang Yii is a very special friend and I had blogged about her and she me.http://sarawakianaii.blogspot.com/2011/05/ann-chin-sarawak-born-author.html

Chang Yii made an appointment to go and see our teacher, Miss  Ida Mamora. We were going out for breakfast which is a new and alien culture to me. It was hot outside, having come from winter in New Zealand, Miss Mamora suggested we have breakfast in her house. This was much preferable and we ate at a leisurely manner in the comfort of her house.

Miss Mamora and I go back a long way. Her Dad had come from Indonesia to work for the Methodist mission, and my dad taught in the school. Friends joke that I am a true blue Methodist person, I was conceived while Dad was teaching there. Miss Ida's sister, Mdm Mamora also taught us. Dad always referred Ida and her sister as the two Indonesian students. Dad taught there for a long time, until I was 20 months old when he went to England.

3 of us siblings attended Methodist School. My Sister E and I were taught Domestic Science by Miss Ida. She instilled in me a love for creating things with my hand. I once told Chang Yi, the other class had cookery class, regarded us as an inferior class. In hind sight, I am glad I was chosen to do craft rather than cook. Any one can cook daily meals or simple baking. But not many can do cross stitch, knit, make yo-yos. All these, because I had a wonderful teacher.

Miss Mamora gave me her 110th anniversary T-shirt. I value it with a fuzzy warm feeling.
Thanks Miss Mamora and Chang Yii.

 With Miss Mamora and Chang Yii.

My secondary school teachers, Mr. Johnson and Miss Mamora. On the right is me, you see my very beautiful Sarawak beads. (Photo taken in Dec 1999). That was taken during another vacation , a class reunion, the first time I saw Miss Mamora and Mr. Johnson after I left in 1973.
 Can you see the rainbow. The stain window of my bedroom  comes in different shapes and sizes. This one looks like beaming to my school's crest. I have left school for almost 40 years, a school I attended from primary one to upper six. This memento that Miss Mamora gave me will bring nostalgic  emotions.



Anonymous said...

It looks like a wonderful time with friends!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a lovely time you had! How fun to see old friends..

Susan Anderson said...

It's always a blessing to revisit happy times from the past.


Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

sweet reminder.

Jenny said...

What a very lovely visit to share!

And I love your reflected rainbow on the shirt!

Such a beautiful post!

Thank you.