Saturday, October 13, 2012


 All over the world, balloons are released as a symbol of sending our love to our angels in heaven.

 Siblings writing their special messages.

 The sky turned dark and we went to the bandstand.
 This gentleman had a special love heart balloon. He also has a stalk of pink rose. The rose bud fell off and I sensed his frustration. I gave him a safety pin to pin it to the cords.
 A young girl speaks of her pain. Bravo for being so brave.
 I spoke with lovely Sa from Samoa. She is a bereaved grandma of 4 angels. Emotions are still very raw as she tells me that her daughter just lost her babies 4 months ago. I told her about the little baby who shared the same cubicle with Andrew. Her name was Sisa. I had a warm fuzzy feeling when I drove home. I made a new friend.
These balloons lingered on, reluctant to fly away. They belonged to the gentleman who brought the rose. I took a photo of his love heart.

This meme helps you to remember what you did on the weekend of 14 October   Gattina.

Baby loss awareness week is a time to remember our angel babies, and support each other. This is a  "private club" of us parents who have felt the pain of losing a child. 

Today, grandparents, parents and siblings came to join in our *BALLOON RELEASE* . We are strangers, but we are united as Sarah read in the poem, we are united by our angels. We met at the  MT Eden Domain, down the hill from  Mt Eden volcano. We were at the band stand and the weather threatened to pelt us with rain. But she held out for us and when we released the balloon in the middle of the field, the weather was fine. Then as I started the car, little droplets fell. As though our angels in heaven are saying their farewell to us. Then it poured.

Most of us have a long way to go. All the way from Manukau in South Auckland. The release was planned at Mt Wellington in the south, and I didn't plan to go, the weather bomb interrupted  plan A. So it was plan B, Mt Eden, much nearer to me. I got to meet in person, Sarah, Annie and Katherine and many other parents and grandmas and grandpas.

It was an emotionally charged day. There was hardly a dry eye.
For the Save the World Meme, this post is asking the rest of the world who are lucky not to have lost a baby to respect the feelings of bereaved parents and grand parents. To them, their lost is very real. Respect is the key.

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