Saturday, December 6, 2008

Children don't lie and bad breath

My colleague shared this real story. One day, one of her 6 year old girl asked her " Didn't you mum tell you to brush your teeth?" So now, when ever she enters the class, she sprays mouth deodorant.

I have already been conscious of my mouth, because the engineer in the house complains I have a foul mouth. So the first thing in the morning I do, is to brush my teeth. Sometime I add some baking soda or salt to my toothpaste.

My mother-in-law has a tongue scrapper and I bought one which is an expensive metal scrapper and tried that, but it is useless, it felt as if my whole stomach had been scrapped. I tried to brush my tongue with a special New Zealand toothbrush which serves two functions, brushing teeth and brushing tongue, but it makes me want to puke. I tried using mouth wash and gargling, but it gives the same result. I don't like puking, so I give up.

My mum said, it is the heat in the stomach that is causing the smell. After that. I always have a glass of warm lemonade made from real lemon or cider apple vinegar sweetened with Active Manuka honey on an empty stomach. If I still feel that warm feeling, I will take my dose of Propolis tincture.

Back in Sarawak, mum would make me drink her very very bitter "King of Bitters." Here in New Zealand, I go to my garden and pluck some mint leaves and make myself a cup of lemon mint tea.

When I go to my Chinese doctor for my massage, he looks at my tongue, and tell me that it is coated with lots of white flurry stuff that harbours all the germs. I need cooling medicine to kill the fire in the stomach. You can take cucumber, and lots of fruits and veges. No junk food for you, that means no yellow delicious fried food! Forget the McDonalds, KFC and fish and chips."

"Well, who hasn't heard of 'cool as a cucumber?'"

I hate being my dentist despite my perfect set of pearlies. Ooooops! I forgot to floss.

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