Friday, March 8, 2013

Save our world: Rubbish at a Festival.

 Poor guys, they need musles.

I saw a big banner," Please keep our village clean." I couldn't help but remember one year I went and help educate the Zero waste. Teaching people to separate their waste, and recycle. 40 tonnes of rubbish goes to landfill out of Pasifika alone.  There were lots of big drums, but no signage, asking people to separate their waste.

Contrast this to the few Zero waste I had been to be part of.

Those were tiring days but very meaningful ones. You see these people at the BBQ table. They are not having a picnic, but are sorting out the various types of garbage that people throw out after a festival. The back-end" of the system is the worst of the jobs. Resource Recovery Centre Manager, Chris with some volunteers have the awful job of additionl sorting of bagged waste. When we finished our part at our stations, we helped them out. I can tell you that it is no pretty sight and the smell is horrific. Yet they do it. This is why I say they are beautiful people.

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Unknown said...

I love the commitment involved here. Festivals are notorious for producing waste, it's great that not only are people being reminded to reduce waste but that there are volunteers who will sort it out so that minimal amounts actually go to the landfill. Thanks for sharing, Ann!