Friday, March 8, 2013

Zero waste

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: People

Hi Ed, I post beautiful people of a different kind. They are not the type that enter beauty pageants or walk cat walks.
These photos are from my archives, because I am passionate about these beautiful people.

I gravitate towards GARBAGE and the beautiful people who have taken a stance to do something about it and preach the message and how it's impact on our environment. We belong to this Zero waste program and we are actively involved as a rubbish collector while at the same time teaching the public about recycling.

Those were tiring days but very meaningful ones. You see these people at the BBQ table. They are not having a picnic, but are sorting out the various types of garbage that people throw out after a festival. The back-end" of the system is the worst of the jobs. Resource Recovery Centre Manager, Chris with some volunteers have the awful job of additionl sorting of bagged waste. When we finished our part at our stations, we helped them out. I can tell you that it is no pretty sight and the smell is horrific. Yet they do it. This is why I say they are beautiful people.

Zero-waste Strategy Management: Here's the Volunteers at work. Dressed in our official crew kowhai/yellow or kikorangi/blue T-shirt and cow boy hat, we trudged our kikorangi/blue and kakariki/green bins to our different stations.
Ngarimu on his red scooter as he went around the grounds to see if we were working well.

Zero-waste Management Strategy:
Here's the collection of the bags by some of the volunteers, including a very young boy. Ka Pai to him. They had to lug the heavy bags to the quad bikes as runners.

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