Sunday, January 4, 2009

Arataki Visitor Centre 1

The geographic location of Scenic Drive, on a mountain ridge, lends well to the provision of viewing bays, allowing visitors in vehicles to pull over and enjoy the beautiful vistas.

The Visitor Centre was designed by architect and west coast resident Harry Turbott, who has successfully complemented the forest surroundings and capitalised on the sweeping views. There are views over the Lower Nihotupu Dam, which affirm the intrinsic link of the forest ecosystem to the water catchment functions of the Waitakere Ranges - as well as views over the Manukau Harbour, Parau and Laingholm.
Cultural history

The Arataki Visitor Centre was built and opened in 1994. Arataki, translates as ‘the place of learning’, and is not only regarded as the gateway to the Waitakere Ranges, but as an iconic destination site for the education and provision of information for all visitors.

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