Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dad's hands-on lessons 1

Dad studied at the Univiersity of London in the 1950s. We were privileged that he taught us at home. We were always having hands-on lessons. I am writing a book where I have written the ways Dad had taught us. You will be able to read my book when it gets published.

Growing a Daikon is an experiment Dad exposed us to. Here, I am replicating. I tried with carrot as well, but the carrot died.

First, you cut about one inch from the head of the carrot or daikon. Put some kitchen tissue in the saucer. Put some water, and make sure it always wet.

The initial days, the stems of the old leaves will drop off.

The new leaves will grow,

You will not get a daikon, but it is fascinating to see the leaves grow.

If you can't get daikon, you can try with carrot. Try and Try until you success.

I will post the other experiment next.

My Dad was a wonderful teacher, my siblings agree. Otherwise not all nine of us would be college educated.

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Grace said...

Lyn planted the carrot in the soil when the leaves grew. The next day, she asked which kid had removed her carrot plant cos there was nothing in the pot.
A few days later, some leaves grew and she realised it was in the pot all the time. The next day the leaves were gone. It hasn't grown back. We have so many snails, enough to run a snail farm.