Monday, January 5, 2009

Garbage collector

Further to my post on the water engineer's garbage collector's reflective shirt, my siblings have a good time reflecting our childhood. The rubbish issue was a passionate one of mine when I was in NTU. The water engineer asked," Who appointed you the supervisor of the garbage collectors?" I will write about garbage collecting and disposal in another post.

In Auckland, the residents are quite good, and the rubbish disposal is orderly.

Charles in Australia: My new year resolution is to go for a quick walk every morning as soon as I wake up. Tuesday morning walking is doing a “rubbish parade” because every household puts out their wheelie bins, 2 for each household for the weekly rubbish collection. The smell is so bad as the bins contain a whole weeks of rotten rubbish and are over flowing and the lids are not kept down and I try to walk in the middle of the road to avoid the smell.

The bins are 2 metres in height

Ann: Aussies have so much rubbish, may be they waste too much. We are allowed only one small one. One week, we forgot to take the wheelie out. It happened to be quite full. The next week, I stuffed in, and we managed to keep all the rubbish in.

By the way, do you still throw your fruit peels to the trees?

I compost what I can.

The recycle bin isthe bigger blue bin, one for every two weeks.

I had been wanting to blog on wheelies. Yesterday, I snapped photos of the recycle truck, I wanted to say, it is no longer an uneducated man who is rubbish man. I think he needs a lot of skill.

I put all veg and fruit peels in the garden for compost as well. One bin is for recycling stuff and the other is for food waste.

Charles: Ann, you are right, the rubbish collector are claiming to have more skills. They call themselves “Garbologist”

Margaret in Sarawak: I also collect vegetable scraps that are too old to eat for my compost and it's amazing how much rubbish is reduced for the rubbish collector. That rubbish bin looks like ours. Our rubbish is being collected two times a week. Our rubbish from the house ae dry ones. Now vegetables scraps go to my compost and left overs food go the dogs.

Grace is Singapore when she was staying in a high rise building just had to wrap up the rubbish and throw it down the chute. Woe to the people living on the level where the rubbish are collected.

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