Friday, January 16, 2009


This is one kind of pelargonium. It is a tall plant that grows by the tap where I take water by the buckets to water my plants in the veggie garden.
I deliberately took these pix to emphasize the different stages of a flower. It was as if yesterday that some idiot told me that a woman is like a flower. Beautiful and at it's peak when it is young, and old and ugly and useless when it is old.
I don't pick fights except with the water engineer. But on that occasion, I fought my biggest fight on behalf of all the sisters of this world. Sure, we all grow old and don't look as beautiful, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. As for usefulness, the beauty of the heart is more inportant. If I was arguing today, I would tell him that even in death, a flower will drop to the ground and form compost to provide food for the next generation. Also, the Bible says, unless a seed dies and falls to the ground, it is useless.
I am a great fan of Helen Clark. I was at university during the time when unifem was formed. Helen Clark was the Labour party leader of fifteen years, and the Prime Minister of New Zealand for nine. She has retired as the party leader, but she is by no means useless.


Golden West said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words about the photographs. The bird pictures were actually taken by a neighbor who is a dedicated bird watcher. I take pictures with a Canon Sure Shot SD1000 and a Canon Power Shot G10 - lots of fun!

I'm enjoying reading your blog as well and will stop back often!

Best regards

Ann said...

Thanks Golden West.

I went out today, and I got a pix. not perfect like yours, but good enough for me. Your neighbour must be a very patient person. It is so hard to film birds.