Monday, January 19, 2009

Western Australia 7

The Port city of Fremantle lies just south of Perth on the coast of Western Australia. Fremantle is a popular spot, particularly at weekends when you will find markets, entertainment and plenty of alfresco style cafes and eateries. 

As a country of yachties and New Zealand participating in the America's cup, Fremantle became a place where most New Zealanders know. In 1983 Australia shocked the yachting world by winning the America's Cup, ending a 132 year run of success by the New York Yacht club in this event. I was in Australia and watched this race with my Dad. I was hoping that the Kiwi yacht would win.

So in 1987, the beautiful port city of Fremantle was the obvious choice to host the event as the Americans vowed to win back their cup, whilst the Australians were determined to hang on to it.

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