Monday, January 5, 2009


I learned this song in Australia and taught it to little children.

Some scientifically minded parents told me that i shouldn't be teaching this song because it was inaccurate. So I was very careful to tell them that this is just a song, like the nursery rhyme, "The Cow jumped over the moon." I have to teach the the true colors of the rainbow are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. In other words, a rainbow is composed of the colors of the visible light spectrum.

I give them a big white sheet of paper and let them paint the real rainbow. My friends M. MF and SL composed a more accurate song to balance this fun song.

How many colours do the rainbow have?
Each time it appears in the sky?
Red & Orange,
Yellow & Green,
Blue, purple and pink,
Those are the colours of the rainbow.

In the 2000s, Australian Tourism board promoted Australia in Sinagpore with the same song.

Here it is: The children can make arches as they sing, and they love it.

Red and yellow and pink and green,
Orange and purple and blue....
Now you can sing of rainbow,
sing of rainbow,
sing of rainbow too.

Listen with your eyes.
Listen with your eyes,
And sing whatever you see,
You can sing of Rainbow,
Sing of rainbow
Sing of Rainbow too.

Another version

Copyrights for lyrics, words, music, and motion picture version: Arthur Hamilton.

Red and yellow and blue and green,
Purple and orange and pink,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too!

Listen to your heart,
Listen to your heart,
And sing everything you feel,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too

Isn't it funny that some people have to be rigid and everything have to be accurate. They lose all the fun in life.

***Today, my friend M. leaves Singapore to live in Australlia. I wonder if she remembers singing this song.***

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