Friday, January 2, 2009

Sam cooking salmon

Since Sam started year 7 in Balmoral school, he had various tech studies. One is Food tech which has generated his interests in Food and helping me cook dinner.

All my three brothers cook.

It started with Charles who was a boy scout and he learnt to cook over a camp fire. He went to New Zealand when Joseph was nine years old. Mum would tell Joseph, that it was important for a boy to cook when he went abroad he has to cook, unlike Dad in the 1950s, when he stayed in the hostel and everything was handed to him in the platter. So Joseph cooked, starting first as a kitchen hand, and promoted to a chef. Grand dad was living with us, and he did all the cooking for us, so naturally Henry learnt to cook.

You should see Henry cooking a Christmas turkey for 30 people with advice from the internet and the phone from Grace in Singapore. Needless to say, it was thumbs up by everyone. I told him, he was very brave.

If my white collar brothers lost their jobs, they needn't be the feared garbage collectors. They could cook up a storm in the kitchen, and their sons and Sam could start the next cycle and be kitchen hands.

Watch out, Martin Yan!

Here comes the Chan boys and one little Chin.

***The spring onion is straight from the garden at the deck, literally like Jamie Olivier who opened his window to pick his herbs.***

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