Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wedding day

We went to a friend's wedding. D was a baby. I couldn't remember whose wedding it was.

I was wearing one of the oldest bead necklaces I have. I bought it when I was visiting my Aunty Teressa Leung in San Francisco. She took me to Beckeley where she said was the home of the hippies. I wanted to be a hippy too, and bought 2 clay beaded necklaces. I can't remember where the brown one. From then on, I have been buying beads. For a while, I use to wear them. I don't any more. I just keep them and every now and then, I take them out and guess where I got them from or who gave them to me.

To the Chinese, a beauty has to have a swan's neck. I don't have one. Wearing a choker actually accentuate my short neck, so I don't wear a choker or a short necklace.

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