Sunday, January 18, 2009




My dad once said, everyone needs it, but nobodywants it built at their front gate. I was going to feature pubic conveniences or toilets or WCs or loos, because there are so many kinds.  After visiting this one at Mt Eden, I thought to myself, what a way to start off with a grand old lady.

What I was impressed with was a two seater chair by the toilet. I guess it is good for mums with little kids. They can sit and wait for mum. This toilet is also quite roomy as it has a little partition making it like two sections. The windows are frosted glass. I was also curious to see a padlock securing the loo paper. I suppose this is to prevent vandalism.

This is the second time I have used this toilet. The first time was when I accompanied Sam and his Edendale school mates on a coast to coast (10 Km) walk. By the time we walked from Downtown to Mt Eden, many of us were bursting to go. It was a long queue as there was only one seat.

This is the historic bus shelter (now used as public toilets). This building is located at the entrance to the domain on Mt Eden Road. It is scheduled as a Category B building, and the protection includes the area within 20m of the building.

The tram passenger shelter at the entrance to Mt Eden Domain was built around 1910. Toilets were added prior to 1929.

1938 First public toilets are installed at the base of the domain inside the tram shelter on Mount Eden Road.

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