Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kip McGrath Education Centre

Build a brighter future:

Every child, teenager and adult has the right to reach their full learning potential. With over 190 Kip McGrath Education Centres across Australia, and more than 30 years experience, our speciality learning programs are designed to help everyone shine: from pre-schoolers to university students. 

Mums & Dads: Give your child the confidence to do their best at school by enrolling them in our private tutoring programs. Study courses are motivating, fun and engaging! 

Students: Boost your study skills and marks, set yourself a challenge, or complete an online learning course.

I think Kip McGrath is like the tution centres that is sprouted all over in Singapore and Malaysia. The parents feel that th epublic system has failed their children, and they need to spend a lot of money to boost their kids. It was never like this in New Zealand, but it is catching up.

I just wonder why the building has no windows? Do you wonder? It was reported in UK, a family of gifted kids with the mum from Malaysia had the kids studying in a cold basement. They parents argue that the lack of dsitraction helped the kids concentrate. What like of philosophy is that?

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