Thursday, January 8, 2009

More on Garbage

In Kuala Lumpure, if the rubbish collector is not careful, they spilt in the lift and not
clean the mess. The lifts would be very smelly. Kallang presses all the buttons to let the lift open every floor to let the bad smell out.

Most of the high rise buildings here have a rubbish chute so on each floor there is a chute for you to dump your rubbish and they drop down into a large commercial bin in the basement of the building and they get emptied commercially everyday! This way rubbish is not carried in the lift!!

This is the system in most parts of High rise Singapore. But we were among the few who didn't live in a high rise building. We were some 96 apartments which had two apartments on top of each other. My Dad, when he saw our rubbish systerm commented that "This was the shame of the university lecturers and professors."

When we first arrived in Singapore from New Zealand, I used to get my blood boil. We lived on top of the hill, hence called Nanyang View. We had to walk down the hill to a shed housing two dumpsters. The garbage collector would push the dumpsters deep into the shed after collecting the rubbish. The lazy people, professors, lecturers, wives, maids and children will not go into the shed because of the smell. So they leave the rubbish outside the shed. I often talk to the shed cleaner having appointed myself as the garbage supervisor. I spoke to the poor man who had to pick up the plastic bags of rubbish to put it in the dumpsters.

He complained that these bags would break, and there were rats. I suggested that he push the dumpsters at the entrance, then perhaps with the dumpsters conveniently at the outside, people would throw them at a better aim. I made a big sign for him, "Please leave your rubbish inside the dumpster."

The university did not allow unofficial signs, so some one took it down. I was really furious, so my emails went back and forth to the Estate office. By then, I have become a firebrand at the Estate office.

The university installed a million dollar chute system, now the people didn't have to go down the bottom of the shed, but upstairs. But nobody did any home work, and the bags got start. The same problem of the bags getting lined up the bridge to the chute started.

By now, my girl friend A also got involved. So we were the A and A from New Zealand who were the social conscious residents. The university had enough of us, and recruited our husbands for their technical expertise. of course, they would never invite the girls to this important meeting. The water engineer suggested instead of having to walk down the valley, a bridge could be built on top of the slope.

The university didn't listen to the experts. They built an up-to-date state of the art million rubbish chute much nearer to the residences. The same problem arose, the pedal step system often broke. people still left their rubbish at the bridge. The residents living near to the chute complained the ugly sight and the terrible smell wafted to them. Wild cats and rats tear open the rubbish.

One resident left her garbage outside her apartment wondering when the garbage collector would come. Can you imagine that in tropical Singapore?

It is the human factor, no matter how expensive the equipment is, it people don't use them rightly, everything will be garbage.

For eighteen months, the university was renovating Nanyang View, we moved to Nanyang Meadows, down the slopes to a five-storey block. The British architect designed smaller rubbish rooms did not under the power of tropical heat. The same problem arose because the bucket they left us tp deposit our garbage was so little. The garbage collectors didn't work on Public holidays. We were glad we were living up on the fourth and fifth floor.

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