Monday, June 20, 2016

Chinese immigrant

In my books, From China to Borneo to Beyond, and World War II, Chinese immigrants were not considered a citizen of Sarawak.
The Brooke Government had made it very clearly the law of ius sanguinis the rule of the blood, you are a Chinese regardless of where you are born.
I found my Father-in-law's entry certificate. He was considered an alien.

ABC Letter Y for yesterday.

In yester-year, I was a young teacher. I don't long for yesterday. I love what I am today.

ABC Wednesday for letter X for extreme sports.

Two nights ago, my son and his friends were swimming in the freezing sea on the shortest day in the southern hemisphere. That is what we call crazy, but an extreme sports for them.

Thursday Challenge: Tall , wetsuit

This wetsuit was for a tall person. He swam in the freezing water on 20 June which it the shortest day of the Southern hemisphere.