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maori weaving

guava in australia

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nstantly there's a lump in my throat and my heart sinks when I read this.

for mums and Dads who have lost their babies.

This is for all mothers who have a child in heaven including myself.
It is cold,
Of course it is freezing cold, it is winter, isn't it.
She turned on the light, the light flickers.
She slipped on her fluffy slipper.
Her baby slide out her body.
Slide out like a fish from her fingers.
His journey had gone to eternity.
Tears shed to wet her face.
There is a lump in her throat.
She swallows and she reads the poem her friend had given her.
Tomorrow she will bury her son.
She will read the poem at his little grave.
This poem was given to me. A Campomelic baby has been called to heaven.

online book,

I also have 4 books online.

books by me.

Books penned and circulated in Auckland libraries.
World War Two in Borneo : tales of my Grandpa / Ann Kit Suet Chin Chan = Di er ci she jie da zhan : wo ye ye du gu shi / Chen Jie Xue
Available at Central City non-fiction (950.5337 CHIN) ons:
Cry of oppressed women / Ann Kit Suet Chin Chan
Chin-Chan, Ann Kit Suet, 1954- author.
Book | 2014
Hai wai hua ren de Zhong Guo hun = From China to Borneo and beyond / Chen Jie Xue Zhu ;
Growing up in Borneo : endurance, hope, life / Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan = Chen Jiexue
Chin-Chan, Ann Kit Suet, 1954-
Two Asian stories / Ann Kit Suet Chin Chan
Chin-Chan, Ann Kit Suet, 1954- author.
Book | 2017
From China to Borneo and beyond / Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan
Chin-Chan, Ann Kit Suet, 1954-
Pain = Tong ku / Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan
Chin, Ann Kit Suet, 1954- author.
Book | 2020
Diary of a bereaved mother. Part II : my journey with cancer / Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan
Chin-Chan, Ann Kit Suet, 1954- author.
Book | 2018
he Playgroup Club / by Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan
Chin-Chan, Ann Kit Suet, 1954- author.
Book | 2016
Mail order bride / Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan
Chin-Chan, Ann Kit Suet, 1954- author.
Book | 2013


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non slip jandals

latest book in the library

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Proteas - Leucadendrons, do u call this a flower? Leucadendron

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Ambury Farm

Four reasons why Ambury is one of Auckland’s best


I think, it's a variety of Rhododendron or in other name, Asalea. This plant genus lives in the mountains, on acid soils, and is highly appreciated in atlantic-temperate cimates, like The British Isles. There are numerous cultivars both decidous, and evergreen.

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The playgroup

By ann chin
Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
239 pages3 hours
This book talks of a hotchpotch SAHM (Stay At Home Mums) jelled by a common denominator, the Playgroup. This book will resonate in women who went to Playgroup with their children or grandchildren. This hotchpotch include mothers of nuclear families, single families, bereaved parents, widowed, widowers, cancer survivors, volunteers, and so on. Issues like death, bereavement, cancer, adoption, fostering, and remarriage are sensitively discussed.


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there was a car when I was young

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Dough Boys Bakery

You know that feeling you get when your taste buds are happy? That’s what happens to every person who stops by Dough Boys. Our baked goods are made freshly every day with the finest, most delicious, local ingredients. Dough Boys Bread Boxes are the perfect solution if you can't make it to this weekends farmers markets. If you order online we will deliver to your door.

Pt Chevalier Bowling Club pirates

Point Chevalier Bowling, Tennis, Pt Chevalier Bowling Club. A fun and friendly club for everyone, whether a seasoned bowler or new to the game. Come and join our Wednesday social league!
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My family helps me in proof and format

after dinner at the USA Club.

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Worm farm

My worm farm with bought worms Red tiger worms are big eaters.

Liquid Amber seeds,

Liquid Amber seeds, I use the tree and in my book #pain The old woman scolds the children for not sweeping the pods.
The pods do hurt my soles when I step on this.

a 60 year old card

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Lake district

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Dec 22, 1979
This was our wedding, 22 December 1979. It was a simple wedding with friends and relatives. The Service was inside the church. The reception was at the downstairs of the Auckland Tabernacle. We went to Albert Park to take our photographs. Luckily it was a fine summer day.
A reader suggested I show a pix of the cake made by Claire Hart. Here it is. It was a traditional Kiwi wedding cake with hard royal icing.
I am always grateful to Gertie Chamberlin,chairman of the ladies service committee who organised the service.
We were two young green horns, fresh from the university. We did not know the etiquete of sending "Thank You" cards.

with my Angel Andrew.

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My journey with cancer

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Chinese Edition
Chinese Edition
Diary of a Bereaved Mother
My Journey With Cancer
陳潔雪 著 Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan/Chen Jie Xue
大睛 译 Justine Gu

My journey with Cancer

在 2018 年 8 月 15 日,我因为被确诊患上了癌症,就接受了手术治疗。我的手术是赶


16 the book. now transfer to Chinese

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The Chinese here call them "Buddha hand". 佛手瓜

nest of the orang utan

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Kuching, Sarawak.

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serving in the Solomons

Serving the country, In times of war, you serve the country. Daughter Gabrielle goes to Solomons in an air force at 6am.

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Inside a an air force plane

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Seweing machine.

Borrow this photo.This year in May, I got a post. Some kid when we knew in early 1960s who had gone to Canada earlier. He remember my sis got poked in her finger. It is so many years, My sis and Luis remembered after the finger was poked. Luis"s Dad was our neighbour and was a dresser. We called him the doctor.

  • Hi Ann Someone gave me an exact machine ,i have in Vancouver
    Don,t know why my memory of the sewing needle and finger

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  • I have that same feeling, I think I wrote it in my book. It must have been be gruesome with the needle sticking in her finger. Margaret remembered it.

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  • My late mom also got one.

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  • Ann Chin
    , I want to tell you a little story of the sawing machine. My grand father's only sis we called her 'ku po'. One day she was sawing something at our house and the machine needle poked through her finger, broken went I noticed it I immediately …
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  • U should have been a Doctor. I blog it.


It rained the winter