Tuesday, February 18, 2020


My trip to Rotorua was very worthwhile, and I took many photos of various landmarks. Berthed on the Rotorua lake, I saw her Majesty the Queen. This genuine 266 passenger stern wheel paddle ship was built on the traditional lines of the Mississippi River paddle ships.Purpose built and launched in 1986, the Lakeland Queen has only ever sailed on Lake Rotorua and is now a well-loved icon of Rotorua. She is powered by a 240 hp Cummins diesel engine driving the 8 bladed stern paddle through a hydraulic system.

The Lakeland Queen, New Zealand’s only Paddle Stern Driven Vessel returns to Lake Rotorua in all its glory complete with a 10-metre extension and a stylish new interior.

The Lakeland Queen can now cater for up to 240 guests for a seated breakfast, lunch or dinner, or 300 guests for a cocktail style function. The options available include one of the daily scheduled cruises, exclusive use of the upper or lower deck for a scheduled cruise, or to charter the entire vessel for the ultimate corporate, incentive or wedding experience.

Thy neighbour's fruit

Grand pa and mum and dad used to tell us not to pluck road side flowers and fruits. My neighbour planted her passion fruit vine, and two fruits grew hanging over our wall. I was tempted to pick them but I remember Grandpa's words.No photo description available.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

When a homeless couple moved in with a millionaire

This piece of article inspired my friend Angela to write about her grandfather.
My grandfather took homeless men into his home, he washed and clothed them and provided the love they needed to heal their emotions and past...they were all great people, some grew vegetable gardens at his home and provided fresh produce for his family....he was always taken people off the streets until he died at 57 in 1950's. And this wonderful thing was more amazing as my grandfather also owned the largest law firm in New Zealand, was well respected...but I dont think many people knew of his continuous deeds. A true man of God, he saw, wept and lent his hand out.....would have loved to have net you Brice Scott!
Angela Scott you inherited a rich heritage. Your legacy. My parents brought back a blind man, not blood relative and he stayed months
It is just today that I had morning tea with someone from my hometown. It was this anecdote that Mum and Dad brought home a blind man who lived for months. He was not blood relative. Angela Scott
  • Ann Chin It is just today that I had morning tea with someone from my hometown. It was this anecdote that Mum and Dad brought home a blind man who lived for months. He was not blood relative. Angela Scott
  • Angela Scott So wonderful....its just a matter of considering others...our lives can be so enriched.
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    Infant loss. It's an empty blanket, empty arms. It's leaving the hospital with a box with handprints on it instead of a carseat with a baby in it. It's knowing ...
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    Liz Cassidy
    Awesome workshop with the wonderful Denzal Kokonut Kid ...however Denzal will still be creating for me 😜🌺🌺💖💖
  • Ann Chin When I wrote my last book #pain, I thought of u.
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    Friday, February 7, 2020

    John Chan Family

    when Mum brought the Blind man home, I was 17 years old. I complained how much he was eating. Mum said, he ate virtually only rice, and eating the extra bowl of rice won't make us poor.
    When I wrote my ##From China to Borneo, I was thinking hard for my preface. I remembered this blind man. God had been gracious to Mum and Dad, all nine kids have a college/uni education.

    Thursday, February 6, 2020


    A young Australian mum said she was left "embarrassed" when Woolworths staff members confronted her and accused of trying to stealing items at a self-checkout.
    In a Facebook post, by Dianne Renner, she said her anonymous friend "Sue" was "publically humiliated" by the incident and criticised the store for their behaviour.
    Later on, the Pakenham Cardinia Leader revealed the woman who was accused of stealing at the Victoria, Australia supermarket was Megan Rogers.
    I never use the self check. When they first started, an old man said, you watch it, first self check, then it will sack you.

    Wednesday, February 5, 2020

    Apprenctice tradies.

    I wrote in #Pain, many boys became tradies.
    Once upon a time. Students from Sarawak, Singapore and West Malaysia came on self scholarship. We were very fortunate to meet Bill and Christine Starr. He had a spa pool and it was a Godsent. When Bill built his new house, we became tradies and put on the main beam.

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